Heart Wellness Program

Your blood pressure measurements are now easier to track with our special cellular monitor. For an even better experience, please download our mobile app. It’s simple to use and lets you see your readings anytime. Plus, you can easily get in touch with your healthcare team through the app.

Your health is our priority. Let’s stay connected for your best care.


Connect with health team and doctors

Discover the new way to connect with your health team and your doctors. We care about you and your health!

Ask questions
and schedule appointments

Our team will take care of your requests, from answering your questions to scheduling telehealth visits, and medication refills.

Seamless health monitoring

Get high-quality medical devices like a BP monitor or scale. Devices connect wirelessly with our app and your healthcare team.

ECG review
on demand

Share your ECG directly from your smart watch device to your cardiologist. Anytime, anywhere.

How does it work

  • Get a set of high-quality medical devices.
  • Start taking your measurements on a daily basis.
  • Your healthcare team gets better insights into your health.
  • Get access to on-demand assistants making anything possible.

What’s in it for me?

  • Be in charge of your health.
  • Achieve health goals faster.
  • Upgrade your care to proactive.
  • Improve the comfort of your life.

Thinking about joining our program?

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